Hydrodermabrasion Machine LONDON 7.01

Hydrodermabrasion Machine LONDON 7.01

• Hydrodermabrasion continue to be the trending treatment in the world.
• Increase your clientele and office profitability with this professional aesthetic equipment.
• Recommended for Medical Spa, Dermatologist Office and High-End VIP Day Spa.


• High tower modern design.
• Space saver “London Tower” stand model.
• Four treatment Bottles & One Large disposal.
• Each bottler with sensor detention.
• External filter for protection.
• Unique Oxygen and Hydrogen Generator System.
• Easy to move from one room to another.
• Resistant metal case.
• Multiples Functions.
• Advanced Technologies.
• 10 Hydro Tips.


HYDRODERMABRASION. Gentle exfoliation.
HYDRO DEEP CLEANSER. Deep pore cleansing and extraction.
OXYRENEW. For derma renewal, skin glowing and whitening, through exfoliation, massage and nourishment.
OXYGEN JET. Oxygen Infusion with special serum to hydrate, calm and nourish the skin.
ULTRAMESO. Ultrasonic meso infusion of serum; through a special ultrasound frequency handle. It helps to calm, nourish, hydrate and moisture the skin.
4D RADIO FREQUENCY. Four poles smart radio frequency, that produce bio-thermal energy, elevating the temperature of the skin and inducing collagen production. This is perfect for rejuvenating and firming facials.
2-EYES RADIO FREQUENCY. Bipolar smart radio frequency to treat the delicate area around the eyes, as well as facial contouring and neck treatment.
SKIN TEMPERATURE CONTROL. IR thermometer to control temperature during treatment.


• 2 Small Spiral Plastic Tips (0.75 inch)
• 2 Medium Spiral Plastic Tips (0.50 inch)
• 2 Large Spiral Plastic Tips (0.25 inch)
• 2 Microdermabrasion Diamond/Plastic Tips (0.25 inch)


• Screen: 10.4 inch LCD Touch screen
• Hydro-Vacuum: 90 Kph.
• Hydro-handle flow: 30 L
• Treatment bottle: 4
• Ultrasonic Frequency: 1.1Mhz.
• Radio Frequency: 1 - 2 MHz, Bipolar and Quadrupolar.
• Radio Frequency Power: 5-50 Watts
• Output Power:350W
• Input Power: 200 W
• Input Voltage: 110V/220V
• Input frequency: 50-60Hz
• Noise Level 45Db
• Weight: 45 Kg
• Measurement: 110*51*40 cm

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